Thursday, September 23, 2010

jaane bhee do yaaro

The games are soon to start...
It goes this way.......
THE PAGE 3 newspaper running campaign against the alleged corruption charges gets tired,
All efforts in vain...all the team goes for a week long yoga shibir by baba ramdev


Nearly some one! hundred sports person arrive at the venue
despite so much fiasco-like picture made out, many foreign participant from Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania,Zimbabwe,Bangladesh come for the games.
the African sports persons say they came because at least they would get some good food and that they are promised on the spot encashment of their medals with small %commission
Bangladeshi says anyways, by and large he stays in India only.
In the Indian squad there are two groups first called popularly GRASS, (supporters of the ruling monarchy 30% in qty---In fact because they are supporters they are selected along with others to represent the country.) other group ANTI GRASS (70% in number)
As almost all arrive they see the cleanliness everywhere. to their surprise the games village site has so much clear visibility,(since not much is constructed or no trees planted one is easily able to see up to miles...)


But meantime because of political and foreign pressure the organisers M/S OMNIKADMADEY & Sons" are made to arrange special five star accommodation for foreign sportsperson etc out of their own Swiss accounts,
Omnikadmadey agree...they say they can sacrifice for the country (post games they have already ensured some secret village row houses at 30% of total price and also before the hotel booking they ensured nominal 25% sales commission from five star hotels and arranged some nominal 75% from few bookies who were preparing for the big event. Omnikadmadey the organiser promises bookies that they will legalise betting)
As faithful loyal servant of the ruling monarchy they always keep important promises so betting is promptly legalised.
The first ever betting starts on WILL THE GAMES BE SUCCESS FULL?(final decision based on democratic decision by group of esteemed leading media houses)
The five star accommodation is only for foreign sports persons and officials as Indian squad specially the ANTIGRASS group simply cannot bear anything apart from abandoned school,railway waiting rooms, bus-stand restaurants


"The supporters of monarchy the one and only GRASS group in the Indian squad is the royal supporter they have same skills as the loyal organisers
GRASS group is patriotic and they abide by "atithi devo bhava" so they say to their foreign counterparts
that five stars have some terror threats, better the foreigners live at games village " they tell if life is safe games will be fifty" and instead GRASS group will stay at five stars to take on the risk.
The Bangladeshi players though say they wont go to village as they came for the five star only
and the area they mainly live in India is similar to the quarters and besides say they need not fear such things. So they stay at the five stars
ANTI GRASS group is totally trashed in this.
FOREIGNERS are to stay at games village only


the anti grass group cries foul they go to ND'YZ'TV to cover their story on TV the chief in very polite soft voice says NDYZTV is helpless
all slots are "booked" for live bidding for betting and for AN ELITE PANEL discussion on "HOW BIG GAMES EVENT AND LEGALIZED BETTING are essential for uplifting "aam aadmi"
Betting attains peak with historic participation
some big sugar farmers/industrialist bet small on "yes" while large number of aam aadmi bet huge on "no"


ANTIGRASS group is made to live in some JN stadium when they try to run away.... GRASS players and Omnikadmadey swear by the name of JN that stadium is sturdy/secured/well prepared and tell they can have extra advantage of practising more and FOREIGNERS are already prepared and live secretly in the games village flats only.
One morning when practising discus throw in the stadium ANTIGRASS sportsman throws it on some support wall of the stadium the wall collapses in a flash,one falling brick breaks repaired welding joints of multicrore gymnastic bar
In panic the players start running away, they struggle on the floor while running ,suddenly they disappear all of them fall in the disguised POND LIKE wells in the stadium prepared to evacuate flood water, mud in sports area
THE OFFICIAL BROADCASTERS NDYZTV are recording some visuals at random meantime
The best of the swimmers amongst them miraculously save all from the wells and there they understand meaning of well-prepared stadium
After the dust settles the sports area is also with "great visibility"


OMINKADMADEY and even the top monarchy orders top level probe by THE SONY GROUP INTERNATIONAL CID
GRASS sportsmen meet the FOREIGN sportsmen who are in state of utter panic GRASS group tells them the whole stadium collapse etc was a sabotage attempt by some terrorist actually against them and its because of intelligence of the GRASS group they are now safe.
CID are investigating with GRASS players
They tell CID indeed it was some attack and the terrorist got killed and they should search the stadium (remnants) to confirm.
GRASS sportsmen say they are speaking the truth and only truth by showing them unopened drugs pouches from their pockets to assure them they are sober


CID first meets the ANTIGRASS sportsmen in hospital all injured, they say GRASS people and OMNIKADMADEY had sworn by the name of JN so it just cant fail there indeed must have been some terrorist attack.
INTERNATIONAL CID TEAM runs fast to the stadium complex place
the assistant breaks the door of fallen collapsed wall of the stadium
the team finds nothing there
So they conclude the terrorist got killed MAJOR EVENT AVERTED the whole work is telecast on NDYZTV in the breaking news "OMNIKADMADEY AND MONARCHY SAVED THE NATION"


THE GRASS sportsmen and OMNIKADMADEY calm down the traumatized foreigners getting more and more shocks
the poor foreigners are offered gold plated medals paid stay after the games,paid business class return journey GRASS Group sports people would be actually again sacrifice their own safety by taking care of the prize money and the real RISKY PURE GOLD MEDALS.
NDYZTV sports already has the needed random clips of swimmers, runners and foreign sportsmen practising at the village
GRASS players, OMNIKADMADEY, the monarch, NDYZTV settle accounts in real brotherhood


NDYZTV shows the grand award ceremony of the events where err rehman sings song supposed to be for the opening ceremony
ALL MEDALS go to the foreigners.
OMNIKADMADEY and the GRASS players say Indians lost because the campaign of THE PAGE 3 NEWSPAPER lowered the morale of players.
FOREIGN PLAYERS PRAISE the help and hospitality of Indian GRASS players.
THE GRASS players praise M/S OMNIKADMADEY & sons for the historic best games
M/S OMNIKADMADEY&sons attribute all the success to THE MONARCH AND SPECIALLY TO PRINCE for his untiring travel to the youths of the country that helped the planning and execution.
THE MONARCH waves hands and thanks the aam aadmi for this great success tells them they have won, APPLAUDS the great coverage by NDYZTV.


the group of esteemed leading media houses headed by NDYZTV and comprising INDIA television, bottomline today TV democratically votes with backing of camera footage and the very fact "there was not a single casuality" that the games are the biggest success in the history
AND the aam aadmi loses all his money on the betting

you morons after this story you wish that Bangladeshi to be real terrorist and blew GRASS players and M/S OMNIKADMADEY and even the monarchy??? Hold on don’t wish such things about your fellow citizen!!! That Bangladeshi brother is in the process of getting USURPING IDENTIFICATION CARD-“mutthi”
chalta hai jaane bhee do yaaro

Sunday, November 15, 2009

times change

Its strange how india has changed big time,
Relatives living in the same building chat online,
Where lord raam left home and all his wealth just to keep his father's word there r thousands of old age homes, very few care abt family's feelings,
In the country once famous for its unique education systems education loan is available only @12% car loan even @6%,
In the most diversified agricultural country, agri minister says divert to other business,and then not only farmers but everyone enjoys "virtual farming" and we are forced to import now so many agri commodities,
Times change and so do we;
sadly for the worse when we dont know what we are doing

Sunday, July 12, 2009

rumi- the ascending soul

The Ascending Soul
I died as mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet, once more, I shall die as man, to soar
With angels blessed; but even from angelhood
I must pass on; all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
Oh, Let me not exist! For Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones, “To Him we shall return!”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


From the first frame the movie captures the mind.
It has a flow, thrill, you are always on the edge, above all the film gives a real experience.
Sometimes due to certain constraints one cannot explicitly speak what he wants to but if the person wants to say that by any means, he actually finds some miracules way to speak the same matter without those explicit words.
What touches in Aamir(the film) is the honesty with which the team has pictured what it wants to convey, the storyline is side by side;
just like real life,
everyone may not have a fascinating life story, but more than that the moments which make up the life are much more imp. to everyone.
At the most,you may not be thrilled much by the story, you may not feel excited at all, but you fall in love with the every moment picturised for sure.
haa reham, chakkar ghumiyo are awsome. how many times we see songs simply desolve in the flow of the film and at the same time sound simply great when we listen them in isolation.
Another film like mai meri patni aur woh, ek chalis ki last local, neglected by india.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


चक्र फिरतं ...
फिरत रहातं ...
चक्रम करतं।
चक्रम म्हणजे ...
चक्रात अडकणारे म्हणजेच चक्रम.
चक्रमांच्या आयुष्यातल्या घटनांचा क्रम
त्यांच सारं आयुष्यं
चक्रच ठरवत असतं.
अनेक चक्रं अन अनेक चक्रम
प्रत्येक चक्रम... सतत ...स्वतःचे
त क्वचित इतर चक्रमांचे
चक्र फिरवत रहातो ...
फिरवत रहातो..हा हा हा ...
चक्रम थांबले थकले पिचले
तरी ते फिरवत आलेली चक्रं
त्याना... तिथेच... फिरवतच ठेवतात
चक्र फिरतं ...
फिरत रहातं ...
चक्रम करतं।